When the mistress passed away,the cat was overtaken by a heart attack.She was lying without seeing anything in front of her…

Our pets love us with very sincere love no matter what and the loss of man is a real tragedy for them…
This also happened to Leo,a cat who lived in the house with 1 of her relatives and was loved and caressed by the mistress.The woman passed away,and her sister was only interested in the opportunity to get a house,but not in taking care of almost two dozen cats.

The cats almost immediately appeared on the street.Some were sheltered by compassionate neighbors,a friend was forced to survive,hiding under a bite near the house and begging for food from passers-by.The house was sold,new tenants moved into it,and dogs appeared in the yard who started hunting cats.

We took five cats from this house from the street,including Leo.At first,the ct was fine but then she stopped walking,and even climbing her paws,just lying and looking at one point.The veterinarian took tests and diagnosed Leo with a heart attack.

I was offered to put the kitten to sleep,but I decided to fight till the end.Leo had to go through several different treatment complexes,but she coped.Now the cat sees and walks again.

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