The guy left from his own birthday party to save a dog drowning in the river.

When 35-year-old William woke up in the morning on his birthday,he could not have imagined that by the end he would be declared a hero in the media.That’s exactly what happened,and it was perceived as an extraordinary event,although the man himself doesn’t think he did anything special.

William had a great time at the party celebrating his birthday in the open air when he heard a noise from the river.Looking back,he saw a black and white dog trying to stay afloat in the water,but she was rapidly walking to the dock.

When people saw a poor dog,they didn’t know that to do.William quickly took off his pants ,shirt,put on a swim jacket and jumped into the water.He swam up to the frightened dog and tried to grab her,but when he did it,she quickly turned and bit his face and hand,ignoring the pain from this wound,he deliberately continued to move to the shore with the dog,pulling it behind him.

The crowd welcomed both and helicopter hovered over the scene,which was watching the rescue of the dog.Eventually,once on the shore,the dog reunited with its owner,and its tragic and eventful day become covered by local media.
No one knows how Harper’s dog got into the river but in this case it didn’t matter.

William attributes his ability to save the dog to his ocean survival skills,which he learned in college.Even he did not avoid injuries — the dog bit his hand and face.We regret that this happened,but he did a good deed and can be considered a real hero.

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