Risking their lives,they saved the jaguar,and in gratitude he hugged like an affectionate domestic cat.

This story happened in the wild Amazon jungle.It was there that several soldiers of the Brazilian army witnessed how a young jaguar could drown as a result of the flood and they could not remain indifferent.

When they saw it,the animal was barely breathing.but the soldiers selflessly rushed into the streams of raging elements and literally took out the predator in their arms.
As true valiant soldiers,at that moment they thought not about their own life,but about saving someone else’s,even if it was an animal.

The animal who recovered felt this attitude and accepted his saviors as relatives,realizing that he could fully trust them.After the jaguar was saved,they decided to take it with them,since the animal was too weak to survive in the jungle,so it would fall victim to hunters.

Having learned about what happened,the local authorities allowed to leave the jaguar under the care of the Brazilian army and now he has become a strong and beautiful animal named Jikitaya.

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