The guy saved the wolf from a fire,and a year later it thanked the guy.

Once a few young people decided to organize a vacation in the village,in the house of the grandmother of one of them.

In addition,they helped an elderly woman with household chores,messed around in the garden,and rested in the forest or by the river.Summer turned out to be dry with frequent forest fires.One day a forester came to his grandmother and asked the guys to dig up ditches to help prevent the spread of fire in case of fire.

The young people went to the forest and fire was already burning there.One of the guys noticed a wolf sitting among the trees and was surrounded by fire.He quickly ran up to the place of fire and pulled the animal our of there.
The veterinarian said that the chances of survival of the animal are negligible,but the guy did not give up.He nursed the baby for almost a month and gradually it became better.

Summer was already over and the company had to return to the city.The young man often came to visit the wold he was already used to.A year later,when he came to his grandmother again,the woman said that the animal had run away into the forest,to the wild.
And the continuation of the story was a surprise to everyone,including the guy.One evening,when it was already getting dark,he was returning home through the forest,as it was closer.Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him.It turned out that a whole herd of wolves was chasing him.

The young man wanted to run quickly,but stumbled and fell.But suddenly in the pack he saw a wolf he knew,whom he saved a year ago.When one of the wolves tried to attack the guy,the beast did not allow it.He stood right in front of him,protecting him from the rest of the wolves and grinned menacingly.

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