This brave cat got lost,but he took the train herself and returned home…

This incredible story once again shows that the Internet and social media,despite numerous disadvantages,can be of undoubtedly beneficial.This story took place in France.The lost kitty was so smart that she guessed to use the passenger train to reach the point where she lived with the mistress.

Passengers noticed the kitty pushing into the train and the conductor could not refuse such a lovely creature and took it with him.He then said that throughout the way,the cat behaved very calmly and well-mannered.She sat in the train and looked at it very curiosity until the train reached the final station.

The conductor took a picture of the cat and posted it on his Twitter,signing which station he came to.He added that a smart cat will be happy to find owners.
Soon another Facebook user remembered that an announcement flashed before his eyes that the mistress had lost a very similar cat.

The story ended with a happy ending.The mistress was informed that her favorite kitty was waiting for her at the station and she drove up to her the same day.It was then kitty that everyone found out that the kitty had a sonorous nickname Noiset.

And all we have to do is marvel at her intelligence ad ingenuity.

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