A small homeless puppy watched frolicking children on the slide every day…

The baby recently became a member of a harsh society towards him.His almost daily entertainment was visiting the children’s slide and watching childish joy.
People sometimes brought him food,but,unfortunately,no one had the opportunity to shelter the baby.

But soon he was noticed by a volunteer.This woman’s plane were not to take another animal but she couldn’t leave the homeless baby without help.Quite soon he was overexposure and given the nickname Harry.

Temporary owners seriously engaged in the treatment of their pet,helped him cope with a number of already acquired aliments.Harry made his temporary mentors very happy with cheerfulness,friendliness and fearlessness.In general,the guy turned out to be a great friend and a promising guard.

The dog continued to grow up,but there were no longer owners for him.And at this time there was his permanent owner — the young man decided to take Harry to his place and make friend with him for many years.

An unfortunate homeless baby from the hill found a permanent home and got care.He and the owner do not forget to send pictured fro their fun walks to the volunteer who arranged Harry into his family.

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