The rescuer does artificial respiration to the kitten after he is pulled out of the water.

The kitty named Millie was in the water at a depth of 2.5 meters.The baby fell into a drainpipe near the house and got stuck in it.The man heard a complaining cry in it.He called rescuers for help.

Specialists have made every effort to pull Millie out.The rescuers even gave the baby artificial respiration.The rescue operation lasted several hours.
On April 5,Millie and three other kittens miraculously made their way to the open drainpipe.Of all,only Millie survived,the rest of the cats drowned.

Mike,who worked in a household goods store,quickly built a device that helped to catch a cat.When they tried to get the poor baby out of the chimney,she cried but then the sounds suddenly subsided.

The kitty was no longer breathing when she was pulled out of the water.Millie had artificial respiration and was taken to the vet.The kitty quickly recovered and was in the medical center until her condition became stable.Today,the baby was taken away by the animal rescue organization and gave it to the new owners.

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