Mother-tigress left her babies but a golden retriever came to the rescue.

Not all living beings are endowed with maternal instinct.It manifests especially strong in dogs.Especially in such a kind and caring breed as a golden retriever.

But wild cats,including tigresses,often my not accept their own cubs,and dogs take care of and love not only their puppies,but also cubs of completely different species and this story is anther proof of this.

In the zoological park «Safari» the tigress showed no interest in her cubs.Without a mother,these little tiger cubs would have to be artificially fed,which reduced their chances of survival to zero.

Fortunately,a golden retriever name Izzy has become the most caring mother for helpless wild kittens.Izzy fed the kids with her milk,love and care of them as if they were her own.She also cleaned and cherished them like the best mommy in the world.

One of the park employees offered to put the tiger cubs to Izzy when they realized that they did not accept the artificial mixture and the workers took a chance.This exceeded all their expectations and tiger cubs grow and grow stronger thanks to a selfless dog by leaps and bounds.

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