The dog growled with all his strength in pain and waited for help.People passed by indifferently…

A month ago,people noticed a dog.The dog moved only on three paws,and the fourth was squeezed by the poor dog.It’s not clear what happened to this dog.
The dog urgently needed help.Nevertheless,he didn’t get it from anyone,.People watched the dog silently,but no one helped the animal.

During the month,several people from different numbers called me.They all called about this dog.People put pressure on pity,told me that the dog feels bad and needs help.But I couldn’t help the dog either.I was absent at that time.The people I had hoped for didn’t help either.

I posted an announcement asking for help.There were no assistants again.
As so as I came back,I immediately went to look for the poor dog.Unfortunately,I couldn’t find him.We have been looking for two days,but it’s useless.Suddenly,a woman called and said:
«Some dog stepped over my fence and fell.»

That’s how we found the dog.He was in a terrible state.The bone blackened…Terrible spectacle!
The regional veterinary hospital agreed to receive us as soon as possible.And it was also recommended to prepare for surgery.

Always be healthy and happy,puppy!

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