Grandma raised a wolf at home.Two years ago,she picked up a puppy and he thanked her with kindness.

Grandma went to pick mushrooms and came across a lost puppy in the woods.She groomed and cherished him for two years,took care of him,and as a result it turned out that the foundling was a real wolf.

It is not surprising at all,since it is very easy to confuse a wold with a dog.The puppy,who lived at home with delicious food and a loving mistress,became completely manual,the only thing is that he did not know how to bark at all,he whine only.
Perhaps grandma would never have found out who her pet really was if the huntsman hadn’t stopped by her.He saw a wolf,already quite an adult,and urged to kick him out.

But the woman did not agree to expel her friend and as it turned out later,did the right thing.Grandma’s house was completely out of the way and one day at night the pensioner began to feel bad,but could not call anyone for help.But when she woke up in the morning,she first heard her neighbor naked.She said that the pet ran to her yard,whine and called with him and calmed down until she came for him and that’s what saved the life of an elderly woman.

That’s how the noble forest beast thanks his benefactor,who once took him,a very tiny orphan,from the forest.

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