Two tiny kitties with hungry eyes looked out the window of the office.

Employees of the office noticed two charming,fluffy cats looking out the window.They were hungry and touchingly pressed each other.One of the employees remembered that a couple of days ago he noticed them in the nearest park.

But at that time there were several kittens and they had a mother,and now there are only two of them.The employees wanted to pick up the babies.They were very frightened and as soon as a man came out to them,they immediately ran away.
And then one of the workers put a piece of sausage there and they,smelled returned.But they immediately took food and ran away.

The office staff decided to contact the shelter staff.
The kids were managed to catch.It was brother and sister and they complained to each other and didn’t leave.They hugged,ate,played.They were called Charlie and Jack.

The kittens found a place for overexposure.There they woke up the typical cat curiosity with which they studied the world around them.They also made friends there and became very sociable.
Now volunteers are looking for owners who will agree to take them together so as not to separate the brother and sister.

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