Tigers who have spent their entire lives in captivity swim for the first time and are delighted with it.

This is an incredibly touching moment when a pair of rescued tigers first came out of the cage and swam into the river.
Carly and Lily were rescued from a dirty,dilapidated cage in one of the zoos in New York State,which lost its license due to terrible conditions.

At that time,a pair of tigers were about twelve years old,and they were transported to a new environment in a wildlife sanctuary in Nevada,where conditions were as close as possible to their natural habitat.

After so many hard and cruel years,the couple finally got the opportunity to try what it’s like to be wild animals and take advantage of all the pleasures that nature put on them.

Volunteer Kelly from the International Animal Welfare Fund went to visit the tigers in their new habitat and watched them try to swim for the first time.Lily immediately plunged into the water,as if she had been swimming all her life.

So wild cats have great pleasure from swimming and they have this still instinctively,as they could not use it for a long time,but they still do not experience any fear of water.

It is a great happiness that there are organizations that help wild animals and save them from terrible living conditions.

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