There was a dog lying on the roadside and crying…

Max was in the Attic,he was just lying on the ground and crying.When we arrived there were people next to the dog who were shocked.

Just in front of these people,Max who although homeless,was well known to the residents of the district,a gazelle moved on it.People claimed that the car could bypass the dog,but the driver deliberately drove through the animal,specially turning to the roadside,where the dog rested almost every day.

We did everything possible to restore puppy’s ability to walk,but our efforts have not brought the expected result,but they can’t be called in vain either.The dog can stand on his own for a short tie and take a couple of steps.Veterinarians say that Max will only e able to move with the help of a stroller.

Max does not lose optimism and adapts to a new situation.Now he is surrounded by friends,people who give him their attention,gets goodies every day.Max can’t walk,but every day when the mistress of overexposure comes from work,he quickly crawls into the corridor to greet his «mom.»

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