The kitten didn’t even meow,he moaned in pain,asking people for help…

This baby was noticed on the street by caring passers-by but no one dared to take responsibility for his health.It was decided to take the kitty for overexposure,although it was a difficult decision because there were risks for our other animals.

The baby didn’t even have the strength to meow,he just moaned.The kitten was tiny,very thin,he was constantly trembling and trying to meow,but the sound turned out to be more similar to weak bleating.The kitten was called Leo.

The veterinarian examined the poor baby and it went for overexposure.The kitten was shaking all the time and only in a heated cage he calmed down a little.
We processed the kitten,together with food we give Leo vitamins to accelerate hair growth,and after the baby gains strength,he will have to be vaccinated.

As soon as Leo is healthy and gains weight,we will hold him a photo shoot and start looking for owners.We are sure that many people will want to pick up a cute cat.

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