The guy saved a freezing dog,got into a family,but she returned to him 164 km away.

One day,a guy named Jack was walking along one of the snow-covered streets of his homeland,and he noticed a dog.She looked like a shepherd.The animal was clearly hungry,it was desperately looking for help from people.

Jack fed the poor fellow and stroked her affectionately.After that,the guy took a calm step towards the house.However,the dog didn’t want to let his savior go.
And Jack made an invitation gesture to the dog.Days went by,and the dog still lived in Jack’s house.Every day the guy flt more and ore attached to the animal.He could no longer imagine his life without Tina.

Despite the fact that Jack did not want to separate with Tina,they had to part.The guy realized that he couldn’t find a way out,he started looking for Tina’s owners.
One day there was a call from a girl.She said that she wanted to take Tina.The girl promised to take care of her and regularly send photo reports.The guy gave Tina with tears in his eyes.

Soon Jack had a bad premonition.He called the girl and she said that Tina ran away in the first days.
Fortunately,Jack managed to find Tina.Of course,the god was in terrible conditions.It was noticeable that she was treated very badly.Jack found Tina in his neighborhood.Tine ran away 164 kilometers.

Tina was so thins that you could indulge all the bones.Than it turned out that the new owners offended her.

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