The cat is friends with a dog who decides to help look after her capricious kittens.

A pregnant striped cat got into the family for overexposure,where she was identified by volunteers.At the age of about two,she was extremely friendly to people,self-confident and immediately felt at home.

She befriended a local cat and dogs and especially fell in love with Lady,a dog who loves cats,whose favorite pastime in the world is to be a nanny for kittens.
A few weeks later,Freckle(as the cat was named) gave birth to six beautiful and healthy kittens.She immerse herself in her mother’s duties and devoted every second to taking care of her children every day.

Like Freckle,Lady was saved as pregnant,who raised her puppies until they became big enough for adoption.She found her permanent home and has since taken care of other animals that they take for overexposure.

The cute dog has been looking forward to the kittens since she heard their screams.When she saw the baby,she began to wag her tail.
Lady wanted to be with kittens so much that she would do everything to be next to them.She was scared by her cat mom,but she was overwhelmed with excitement when the kittens climbed on her.

The cute dog has all the patience in the world with these capricious kids.She teaches them social skills,educates and caresses them.

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