People quit,but the dog couldn’t quit,it became a mother for the abandoned kitten.

Kobe lived on the street and ran between the yards in search of food.In many yards there were people who treated the dog with sympathy.In one yard she was left with food and water,in another- an old chair was taken outside so that she could sleep at night on cold concrete.

After a while,Kobe became a mother,but unfortunately,her babies did not survive.The dog was seriously worried about its loss,it went to run around the city,but in the horse of the same day brought a small kitten to its usual place.Sitting in a chair with him,Kobe began to feed the baby.

The kitten looked about a month old,he was hungry,dirty and didn’t understand what was going on.Kobe adopted a baby,she not only fed him,but also licked him carefully,warmed him at night.

An unusual couple attracted the attention of many,it helped them find their home.Both animals were taken away by one seed,together they live in their home and rejoice in the love and care they receive from people.

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