On the street in a 30-degree frost,a poor cart was sitting and trembling,who was kicked out by the owners.

The beginning of last year for Liza was marked by an addition to the family.Once a girl,returning home,came across a cat who needed urgent help.
On this January day,there was a severe frost outside and such a coldness for stray animals is a real test from which not everyone comes out.Liza noticed a frightened kitty,which the owners just put out the door.

The girl didn’t even think about leaving the animal freezing.She too the poor thing home,and looking at it,she noticed a skinny body covered with fluffy wool.It was obvious that the former owners did not care about her at all and irresponsibly got an animal without caring for it,and then kicked it out.

The cat’s ears and tail were frostbitten,and when Liza took her for examination,the vet said that the ears would need to be stopped.The baby was prescribed treatment.

It took a whole month to recover doing everything as much as she could to restore the cat.And Liza’s efforts were not unsuccessful.Now the cat is absolutely healthy and has recovered from stress.
The girl’s family got very attached to the cat and didn’t want to give it to another family.Now our heroine enjoys the care of loving owners and we are very happy for her.

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