No one wants to take a cat with an unusual face.

Cat Lucy lives in one of the Canadian animal shelters.Since its birth,this small cat has a well-defined deformation of the muzzle.Deformation affected the location and size of the animal’s eyes,they have a very atypical shape and are much smaller than usual.

Lucy was brought to the shelter when she was only 4 weeks old.In addition to problems with the muzzle,the girl had dehydration,she was annoyed by parasites.The baby was found overexposure,but it has not yet been possible to find a loving family.

The volunteers took care of the right treatment,so the girl recovered quickly.Lucy turned out to be playful and affectionate,like other kids,she is active and inquisitive,and also very smart.

Recently,the cat underwent eye surgery.Veterinarians have ensured that the cat is no longer tormented by pain,but they couldn’t restore vision.
Lucy knows how to navigate the house,she distinguishes what is nearby.Employees of the shelter do not give up hope that Lucy will be taken into the family,actively using social networks to search.

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