I took the dog away from the owners,and he cried and didn’t understand why he was being taken away.

The dog looked at his owners and couldn’t understand why we were taking him away from the family he was used to.I often see animal tears,usually they cry with pain or joy,that day I first saw a dog crying from the understanding that he had been betrayed.Archie seemed to understand that the people who took care of him and whom he loved so much,he sees for the last time.

Archie was hurt,because he was betrayed,and he was also overwhelmed with fear,because he did not understand how he would live on.
Archie had a house and loving owners for two years,but the family decided to leave the city,and it was not part of their plans to take the dog with them.The owners also had no time to put the dog,so they gave it to us.

Archie was in stress.Dogs have a sincere love for their owners and are infinitely devoted to them,they are extremely difficult for separation.
Now Archie is on paid overexposure,he is scared,afraid of people and eats badly.The stress of parting affected not only his mood,but also his well-being.

When Archie recovers a little,he will need a visit to the vet,only after that he will need owners who will never betray him.

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