A resident of America carried a large elderly dog for 16 kilometers,passing through the border.

The brave woman got into the headlines after an incredible manifestation of love and courage,which she demonstrated by literally transporting her beloved dog across the border from terrifying America.

35-year-old Hazel suffered significant losses even before the outbreak of the conflict.She has lost her father.
She could not find appropriate funeral services and agencies to adequately to send her father on her last journey,and also,even in such a situation,she had to go through numeral instances:from the registry office to the prosecutor’s office,and meanwhile,sirens sounded all over the city and tans entered.

After 16 hours on the way,the family arrived in a small town,there were just over 10 kilometers left to reach the necessary place.
Rex ,a large 12-year=old German shepherd,hardly walked and tell from time to time,unable to get up.

The girl stopped the car and asked for help when thy passed by,but already overloaded passengers couldn’t accept them and even advised that it was better for them to leave the dog.
«We couldn’t leave her,Rex is our family…it’s old and gray-haired after life with us.She went through the happiest and saddest moments of life with us.She understands and loves us,and we love her very much and will do everything to take care of her and ensure her safety,»says Hazel.

Fortunately,Hazel and her family safely reached the border with their pet Rex,which became for them «the only bright spot in all this madness.»

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