A kind policeman helps mother-duck and her cubs cross a busy road.

When a mother duck from Arizona decided to transfer her ducklings cross the road with traffic,she didn’t attach much importance to it.She had already crossed many streets,so it had to be easy.However,as soon as she set off,she realized that her ducklings began to lag behind her.

Mother-duck tried her best to take her ducklings to a safe place,but too many cars passed by.A good passerby.A good passerby noticed an alarmed duck and realized that she needed help.
The policeman helped the mad mother safely transfer everyone across the street.Many cars slowed down and shouted «thank you» to the policeman while he was dragging duckling in the dividing strip.Traffic stopped on the other side so that they could cross the road.

The policeman said that the duck with ducklings safely crossed the road and went towards the grass.From there passers-by waved to a good officer to express their gratitude and the duck family disappeared from sight.

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