A deaf and blind dog didn’t know what was a love,and today she hugs every day with the mistress.

Beanie had a man who loved her as much as Julie.A timid dog rescued from terrible conditions did not know an affectionate touch until she brought her home.And now they have their own occupation that makes them closer and unites them — it’s dance.

Joint dances strengthen their unique connection,especially because Beanie didn’t always like being touched.
«Previously,when we tried to stroke her,she wanted to leave us and be alone,»said the woman.»Now every day I do «slow dance therapy» to press it against me and swing it back and forth.Even though she can’t hear me,I also sing for her.»

According to the woman,so the dog began to fully trust her,was able to completely relax and dissolve in her.
She always finds time to spend time together with her beloved pet and no matter how important the meeting is planned at this time,she will cancel everything to dance with Beanie in her arms.

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