Within 11 hours,the dog swam across the bay to save his owner.

It happened in Australia,in Morton Bay.One of the fishermen who caught the fish from the pier saw in the water a dog swimming to the shore and pulling a wet suit.The fisherman immediately rushed to the aid of the animal,and the loan called the rescuers.

The rescuers recognized the dog.The man’s boat turned over,he was searched for many hours,and when he was finally found,he was barely breathing and with all his strength held on to the edge of the boat,upside down floating on the waves.

The dog’s name was Heidi,in the morning the owner took her with him on a boat trip.When the boat was far away in the sea,it turned over and after a while,the man was carried further,so the shepherd decided to get to the shore on her own.

It took more than ten hours to go to land,but Heidi was convinced that she should help save her friend,so she did not give up even when there was very little strength left.The fact that the animal reached the shore is a miracle that happened thanks to the dog’s devotion and love for man.

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