Wildlife keeper helps bears sleep by lying down with them…

This is a real story about a wildlife keeper who took on a funny role:to help bears fall asleep.Such an expression of selfless devotion is worthy of the most sincere admiration.

Some people love wild animals,even those that weight several centners.This wildlife keeper is ready to do everything to make the bears feel comfortable.This may include lying with them.
George is a wildlife keeper advocate.He helped the animals that needed it and took care of them,especially bears,most often they were orphaned.

George and his wife Susan founded the Wildlife Center for Orphans to provide rehabilitation services to victims of wild animals throughout the state of New York who have suffered 30 years.However,George does not have such friendship with another animal living there as with his four favorite bears:two Kodlak bears and two Syrian brown bears.

The four bears appeared in the center about 10 years ago.George has such a strong attachment to his bears that he even sleeps with them to make them feel comfortable.This generous man can be seen sleeping next to for huge buddies in a series of cute photos.
George and his bears are just resting together,but they have a lot of nice activities.Especially they all love to have fun playing in the snow.

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