When the guy returned from work,he was not met by a cat as usual.

Benjamin is the only child in the family.The guy is modest and hardworking,so his parents gave him an apartment for 25 years.Working as a programmer:Benjamin communicates little with people,he has only a few friends,but he is comfortable with them.

Having moved into his apartment,Benjamin decided to get a cat.He took an unusual pet — the kitten’s front legs were deformed.The guy gave the kitten the nickname Handsome.Every day the guy hurried home to his pet and the kitty came into the corridor to meet the owner.
After a while,a new employee got a job in Benjamin’s company.Sympathy quickly arose between young people and soon Sophia decided to move to live with Benjamin.The girl almost immediately began to ask the guy yo send Handsome to a shelter,Benjamin disagreed,because they had a strong friendship with the cat and he didn’t want to betray his pet.

Despite all Benjamin’s arguments,Sophia continued to insist that the cat’s place was in the shelter.Even the girl’s parents laughed at the kitten and insisted that the cat should be sent to a shelter,or better to put sleep at all.
The next day Benjamin returned home and didn’t see the kitty waiting for him in the corridor.Asking Sophia where the cat was,he found out that she took him to the veterinary clinic and left him there.

Benjamin immediately rushed to go around all the clinics in the district.He was able to find the kitty and brought him home.Entering the apartment,he told Sophia to go away.Sophia gathered silently and let the next day.
Benjamin and Handsome returned to their former lives together,the cat still meets the owner from work,and he loves him for his devotion and does not pay attentin to physical defects.

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