Three saved friends have not been separated for 15 years:they are always together.

Lions,tigers and bears have different habitats and in the wild they would never get along in the same territory.The same trie hasn’t just gotten along side by side for 15 years,they have become best friends.

An African lion named Leo,a Bengali tiger named SherKhan and the American black bear Balu,are united not only by the difficult past,but also by the happy present they live in one of the Georgia’s reserves.
All three animals were found 15 years ago in the basement of a private house that belonged to poachers.In cramped conditions and without proper care,they became a support for each other,although in other conditions these animals had almost no chance of becoming friends.

This trio treats each other like brothers and despite the difference in interests,they do everything together.So their friendship has only strengthened over the past 15 years.
Now they have a spacious house,but they still live together,because this friendship gives them strength.

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