The woman did not close the door of the car and soon she found a dog in the back seat!

Michelle Hennessy has just finished feeding her parrots.The woman did not close the door of the car while washing the plates for birds.Her friend lived next door,and Michelle was sure that she was not at home,and there was no one in her yard either.But how wrong she was!…

The woman already got into the car,going to start it and then she noticed that she left the container on the grass.She jumped out of the car,grabbed it and wanted to put the container in the back seat when she noticed that a passenger was already sitting there!It was a dog.The pet was sitting quietly in the car,and her face was shining with joy.She looked at Michelle confidentially and wagged her tail.It turned out that the dog’s name was Molly,who lived with the owners next door.

The pet just adores her neighbor,and often runs out to say hello to her when she hears that the woman feeds the parrots.So this time the dog heard Michelle ,saw the open door in he car and decided to take a ride.
The pet feels that her neighbor loves animals,so she always craves her attention.

Molly hoped that she hid securely in the car and her neighbor would not notice her.The dog expected to ride enough,but got caught.She looked at Michelle in embarrassment but she still had to get out of the car and go home.
Maybe next time the dog’s plan will work?)

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