The winding mane returns the dog’s lost skills.

A funny exhibit was brought to Lausanne,to the exhibition of contemporary art,designers Auger and Loiseau.This is «Augmented Dog Hackle.»{The word «expensive» has two meanings here — in the sense of empowerment of the animal and in the sense of geometric expansion of the dog.Why?

Augmented Dog Hackle is mechanical wool as an addition signaling system for dogs.Whether other dogs believe this signal — no one seems to have checked.
The idea of the artists is as follows: many dogs lost their thick hair in the process of breeding new breeds.And therefore,they say,the poor,can not bristle in response to a dangerous situation,that is,raise the wool on the mane.And this is a reaction that is inherent in dogs initially and shows their enemies that the dog is ready to get into a fight.But many breeds just have nothing to raise.

Here automated wool will come,attached with belts to the animal’s back.The heartbeat sensor should recognize fright and give command to electric motors to raise the «wool».It is unclear why the authors of the invention made it red.However,judging by the picture under the title,the device has already passed the tests «on a volunteer.»

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