The tiger cub rejected by his mother found his best friend — a puppy!

A cat with a dog?Friendship does not distinguish between age,nationality and race.A good example is the story of this Bengal tiger cub named Hunter and a Kurzhaar puppy named Chelsea.Although they are not at all similar,two animals not only found common ground,but become best friends!That’s so cute!

Chelsea is only three weeks older than Hunter.Both animals are cared for by 22-year-old Jane,who lives in a reserve in Pretoria(South Africa).Although now the life of the animals looks rosy and cloudless,Hunter had to go through a lot.The tiger cub was born in a reserve.But soon after his birth,his mother began to be aggressive towards him.Hunter had to be separated from a tigress.

Employees of the reserve introduced the tiger cub to Chelsea,and since then the couple has been inseparable.
Hunter has no brothers and sisters,so he was lucky to find a friend,albeit another species.The main things is that he is not alone.And the puppy is always upset when animal are locked in different cells at night.

When Hunter turns six months old,he will be separated from Chelsea for the safety of the latter.Unfortunately,there is a risk that the grown-up Hunter will kill Chelsea.Jane says that six months is quite enough for such a friendship!

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