The rescued kangaroo can’t stop hugging the volunteers who saved her life.

Meet Abigail,also known as the «hugging kangaroo.»This is a very grateful and affectionate rescued kangaroo.
And the thing is that while most other rescued kangaroos spend time wandering around the reserve in search of food and enjoying freedom,Abigail’s behavior is fundamentally different.

She likes to hug her saviors and good guardians all day long,and this is the most charming spectacle you’ve seen.She starts her day with hugs,and now no one can imagine her life before the presence of this cheerful baby.

Abigail was rescued during the Australian fires and transferred to the reserve.In general,these marsupials are quite unsociable and do not get along well with people,preferring to stay alone.

That’s why the behavior of this little kangaroo is so amazing and cute,because as volunteers say,they themselves faced such behavior for the first time.
That’s why Abigail is considered an exceptional resident of the reserve and a universal favorite,as well as,more recently,a big celebrity on social media.

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