The owners tied the dog near the store and disappeared around the nearest corner.

This story happened in an American city.Near the local supermarket,the guards noticed a dog tied under the canopy,where buyers leave carts.The dog was muzzled and collar,so the guards thought that the owners of the animal just went shopping.Time passed,but no one took the dog.

The guards reported the animal to special service and the puppy was sent to a shelter.The staff of the shelter suggested that the owners could really leave the dog only for a while,but after shopping,they simply forgot to pick it up.

When this story appeared on social media,many members of the community were angry:»It’s hard to understand people who do this.»Among the commentators there are also these who believe that the dog was deliberately left at the store:»I have no idea how to go home and not remember that you forgot the dog.»

If it were accidental,any normal person would immediately return for his friend.It seems to me that the dog became unnecessary and the owners did so as not to take responsibility for its future fate.

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