The owners moved to the apartment,and the dogs were left to live in the barracks.They didn’t even come to feed them.

It seems that there is nothing difficult to go to feed the dogs,the former owners didn’t have time for their pets.These dogs were noticed in the thickets surrounding an empty marriage.People in the barracks no longer lived,and the dogs continued to sit near the house on chains,guarding unnecessary property and starving.

We removed the grass thickets surrounding dogs,fed animal that have clearly been starving for a long time,and then tried to find their former owners.We didn’t believe that people could just forget their pets,but it turned out we were wrong.

The mistress of the dogs said that she did not immediately have time to go to feed the dogs,and then she completely for got that she left them there.
While we can’t pick up the dogs,let them go either,because they will go wander the streets and again have to look for food for themselves and think about shelter from the cold.

The situation is just desperate.Dogs miss people and gradually go wild,they have been starving for so long that when they eat,they are afraid to swallow.
Dogs meet people with great joy,they have not forgotten what the care and affection of a person means,it is not clear nly how a person was able to forget about loyalty and love and leave to their fate those who guarded his house for so many years.

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