The owners came to the shelter without expecting to see their pet there,which was stolen.

Once animal rights activists from the US state of Louisiana found a black and white dog tied to the fence near their office.He was frightened and confused and the volunteers untied him and took him to a shelter.

Because of the spot,he was given the nickname Cow.He was frightened and began to growl as soon as he noticed new people.But at the sight of his favorite delicious food,Cow became calmer.

Gradually,he got used to life in a shelter and in a couple of months became a rather friendly and sociable dog.But what was their surprise when they found out that it turned out that he had owners.

It turned out that the dog was stolen a few months ago and it is not clear how he got into the street,where he was met by the staff of the shelter.During this time,the owners were still trying to find their favorite dog and finally there was a long-awaited reunion.

The dog was as happy as he had never been seen in a shelter.He immediate;y recognized his owners and began to jump and wave his tail from the joy that gripped him.And the most interesting thing is that it turned out their close neighbor stole and sold the animal.Now trust people after that…

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