The owner made a bed on wheels for his sick dog so that she could enjoy the sunset on the beach!

Tom Antonio,an American from the state of Georgia,spent many months on vacation on the beach with his life and a dog named Cocoa.However,by the age of sixteen,this once energetic dog was no longer able to walk a couple of meters.

He was extremely weak and this created difficulties for est and the family could not leave the dog as they were very attached to each other.And then the owner decided to facilitate the existence of the pet and he made a bed on wheels which allowed him to transport to the beach.

He tied a rope to the bed and that’s how he was transported on the beach.After the dog was on the shore,the mistress photographed him and published on social media,and her husband,who is not active on the Web,did not realize that the picture of his pet had become viral throughout the U.S.A.

This rest on the bed was one of the final adventures in the life of the dog.A couple of months later he passed away,as the owner admitted he lived and went to another world happy and loved.

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