The man took a sick,old dog from the shelter to live in peace of her old age,but very soon she ran like a puppy.

George Elliot,co-founder of a volunteer organization,met an elderly dog named Henry.16-year-old Henry needed help,so Scoe took him to ensure a quiet old age.
George brings up animals of all breeds and ages in his house,where they are waiting for their new owners.Henry was probably handed over by his previous owners due to numerous health problems including cancer.

When they first met,the dog also walked with great difficulty and was carried out in its arms.In addition,he didn’t hear well,saw only in one eye and,in general,his condition was so terrible that the man was sure that the dog would not last long.

Henry returned to life showing great love and care.
All an old dog needs is a good night’s sleep and delicious food.The next day,Henry woke up full of energy and ready to conquer new heights.

Henry was getting better every hour,and even George was surprised.Days went by,and soon the dog adapted to the new owner’s house.Henry happily ran around the yard,becoming more playful.He even chased George and his other pet.It was just wonderful example of healing,which we hope will be an example for people not to give up their old dogs.

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