The man noticed a homeless puppy,and when he took him to his car,the baby smiled endlessly.

Twelve years ago,this wonderful dog was rescued when he wandered the streets of New York and since then has not ceased to express his joy with a smile.Pit bull Brinks has a wonderful habit of smiling just as a human.The owner of the puppy John drew attention to the unusual talent of this dog when he first me him.
John says that when he first noticed him,he moved him to his car,putting him next to hi.He was happy and immediately adapted and it was then that he noticed a smile on his face.

He wasn’t going to get another pet,but as soon as he saw him smiling outside,from the window of the car, he realized tat he had to take him with him and thought he did the right thing and he couldn’t do anything better.
For two months,John walked around the area and hung thousands of signs around the city about the found pet,but to no avail.Therefore,he decided to make Brinks a permanent member of his family,and many years later Brinks expresses his gratitude by showing the same radiant smile.

John,who works as a director of creative projects,says that the dog does not look like a clown who goes through life and just smile and the expression of his face has become constant and familiar over time.

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