The kittens were given to «good hands» and they were fed bones:diarrhea and weight stood still.

Three weeks after their birth,these kittens were thrown into the street.We took care of them,and later they were taken away by a young couple.The new owners promised us to take good care of babies who need special care at such an early age.

We give a probationary period to everyone who takes out animals.In the first day,everyone is sure that they can do it,but often the animals are returned to us.Everyone has different reasons for returning,someone suddenly finds out that he is allergic,others understand that they can’t bear such expenses,others change jobs or place of residence.

This couple decided to leave the kittens even after the probationary period,saying that they were coping with new duties.Such enthusiasm pleased,but the photo s that were sent to me,on the contrary,alarmed me.Judging by the pictures,the kittens did not grow up,while their sister very quickly gained weight and height.

When asked what the reason is,the young owners suggested that diarrhea,which has not passed for several weeks,was to do it all.Mom advised to feed the babies with bones,because it is them that her cats eat.Defending her mother’s diet option,the couple said that her cats live for a long time,up to three years.

We took the kittens right away.Now they need to be treated and most importantly fattened,because for 2 months the weight of 200 grams is almost critical.

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