The guy has already saved more than 350 dogs:he finds the homeless dogs,takes care of them and gives them into good hands.

Lucas created a special shelter for dogs on his plot of land.He takes wounded animals from the street,takes care of them,treats them,and then finds a new family for them.
The shelter is called «Good World»,because it is such a world,good for all living beings,that Lucas dreams of.
The first guest of the shelter was a dog hit by a car,as a result of the accident the dog lost its paw.He saved his second patient when it froze on the street.

Now Lucas takes care of more tan 300 dogs.He takes to the shelter those animals who are very in need of help.Among Lucas’s animals there are not only street dogs,so there are shepherds in the shelter,which the man bought from their owner.The owner of the dogs did not care about them,but put them on a short leash that prevented them from moving normally.

Lucas says that shelter is a good deed he can do for the world.According to the man,children often learn disrespect for animals from their parents,growing up such children can show cruelty not only to our smaller brothers,but also to people.
Lucas believes that it is necessary to teach good handling of animals since childhood.Babies and animals,in his opinion,are similar,because they equally depend on adults in the process of knowing the world,only children will grow up and become independent,and animals need someone nearby all their lives.

Lucas gladly gives his animals to those who promised to give them a better life,in return asks only to take care of the dog and not to abandon it.

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