The girl fought for a puppy who was poorly fed and hardly walked by negligent owners!

Another little puppy almost fell victim to human cruelty.Fortunately,he was saved by a kind girl named Emma.
The pet was weak and very dirty.The girl had a huge effort to take away the animal from people,but fortunately,she succeeded.

The same summer when Emma saved the puppy,she was organizing a charity rock festival.A professional photoshoot was also organized.They also decided to take a picture of the rescued baby,and his pictures made a real furor!Everyone liked the baby o much hat it was decided to give him the nickname Rocky and even make him a symbol of the rock festival.

Despite the fact that there were soon dozens of people wishing to give Rocky a house,Emma decided that she would keep the pet.The dog became the fifth dog in the girl’s house!
Now he is cheerful and playful dog who almost forgot all the troubles he had to go though as a puppy.

Thanks to Emma for saving a suffering puppy!

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