The frightened dog,who was thrown on the side of the road,expresses gratitude to his savior in the most touching way.

This dog was thrown on the side of a deserted road and she quite naturally felt distrust of people was afraid of them.However,despite what she had to experience,the dog remains very trusting and cute.

Recently,animal rights activist Georgia published on her social media page heartbreaking footage of the moment when she ran into a small dog wandering along a deserted Romanian road.
You can see how a frightened animal runs to the girl as soon as she slowed down her car.She took him in her arms,pressed against this baby and burst int tears when Georgia reached for her paws.

Being safe,the little dog showed itself quite differently — she became incredibly sweet and affectionate and began to lick the hands of her savior,as if thanks to her kindness and the fact that she was able to feel sweet and charming.

Now Georgia is busy looking for a home for this baby,and while she lives with her overexposure,until there are owners who can give her all the love and care she deserves.

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