The former owners threw the dog out of the car,but she only visited the shelter for half an hour and found new owners.

The surveillance camera filmed a man who pushed the dog out of the car.The unfortunate one didn’t even understand what had happened and ran after her for a long time.
The dog was found by a Kansas City County law enforcement officer who was watching the camera in an illegal landfill.What he saw in the video was just heartbreaking.The poor dog was thrown out of the car bu its grief owner.

The video was watched a week later.The Animal Protection Service sent officers in search of an abandoned dog.Fortunately,he was found in the area.He was hungry and cold,but it seems that this dog was still waiting for the return of his owners.

The dog now called Mojave,was taken to the city’s shelter.Less than half an hour later,Mojave arrived at the shelter when the couple came in,met Mojave and instantly fell in love with this charming,kind and sociable dog.SO abandoned by the former owner,Mojave found new ones who will give him his permanent house and not betray him.

As for the people who left Mojave,according to information,charges are made to former owners,whom investigators tracked by the license number of the car.

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