«The eternally surprised» look of Oliver glorified him all over the world.

The whole world knows this cat named Oliver.His photos are often found on the Internet.European journalists publish photos of Oliver in various magazines.Many users are watching the life of the cat.Such fame to the kitten was brought by his original appearance.

His eyes look surprised.It is still unclear why the cat looks so unusual.Oliver was sick all his childhood,he was very weakened.He didn’t like to play,he was often sick.The cat spent almost all his time lying down.Nevertheless,the cat’s health was normalized.

Soon this popular cat will be two years old.Jane(his mistress) posted photo of Oliver to share with her friends.However,soon publications began to gain a lot of likes.At the moment,the cat has more than 100,000 subscribers.Jane no longer has enough free time to maintain the cat’s page.

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