The domestic cat become a hero when he saved his mistress.

For 12 years,Leo has been living with Jane,a lonely Englishwoman 83 years old.A woman found a pet in a shelter when it was just over two months old.
The kitten was fifth n the litter and was born very weak,the woman spent a lot of effort and time curing and feeding him.
The cat got stronger and grew up,it became beautiful and fluffy.Leo’s character turned out to be kind and affectionate,he accompanied his mistress everywhere and most of all liked to climb into her arms.

There was a real contact between Leo and his mistress,and one incident showed that the strength of this connection is very great.
Jane often went for a walk in the woods and took the cat with her.During this of these walks,she didn’t see a hummock under he feet and fell into a ravine.

The cat didn’t leave his mistress in trouble,he stayed nearby and meowed loudly.Thanks to the scream of the cat.the rescuers were able to find the woman and help her.Leo became a hero and he is waiting for the day Jane is discharged from the hospital.

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