The dog,who slept on the cold floor for 8 years,now has the most comfortable beds it deserves.

Pit bull spent eight years in a dark dirty garage,lying on a concrete floor all day long.She was given little attention,no veterinary care,and she was never released from the leash.When the rescue team arrived,they managed to persuade Daisy’s owner to let her go.

No one could day about Daisy that she was unsociable or cruel to others after what she went through.On the contrary,it was charming and friendly dog who with pleasure,wagging its tail,met the rescuers.

The primary task of the team was to take Daisy to an animal veterinary clinic,where she underwent surgery to remove several tumors.Daisy was then sent to a foster family for several months before she was adopted by Charlene von Sacher,a resident of Manhattan.Dais has been living with von Sacher for seven weeks,but it took her only a few days to get used to the new environment.

Now Daisy finds new comfort in places she couldn’t even imagine before.One day she even found Daisy sleeping on two sunbeds at the same time.
Every day Daisy finds new places to relax and day by day she becomes an increasingly happy and sociable dog,which is incredibly grateful to her mistress for her salvation.

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