The dog which had lost the baby started nursing the toys until people offered a way out…

This pit bull’s life can hardly be called happy.She,while being pregnant,was noticed wandering through the streets.But the shelters were clogged then and for this reason they wanted to put the dog to sleep.It’s good that there were caring people who decided to find temporary shelter for a dog.]

Everything seemed to end well,but it wasn’t.When the dog was taken to the vet,it turned out that her puppies froze in the womb…
Urgent surgery was needed,as the chances that the dog could survive are negligible.The operation,fortunately,went well and soon Lola was discharged from the clinic.

However,it seems that Lola was not particularly happy with the fact that she survived.She could not recover from the shock of losing her puppies and looked for any objects that reminded her of them and nursed them as if they were alive.

It was a heartbreaking scene and the dog’s foster mother was looking for a way out.Then she found out about a tiny puppy picked up on the road.It was a dog with its difficult fate.It was decided to introduce Lola to this baby.And it turned out to be a salvation for both.Now they are inseparable.Lola nurses her like a native and does it with great pleasure.

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