The dog hung on the wire for a week,but people didn’t help her.

The young spouses came on vacation to their dacha.They admired nature and rested and suddenly heard a barking.They didn’t understand where he came from and started asking their neighbors.

It turned out that a week ago the mongrel caught on an orphan site by a wire and couldn’t unhook.It’s just incredible with what calm indifference you could talk about it and generally continue to live in peace,while very close someone feels bad and needs help.

The couple realized that they would not leave it for nothing and decided to take up the rescue of the animal on their own.The empty and abandoned area is all overgrown with weeds that prevented you from immediately seeing the dog and thy have been looking for it for quite a long time.

Finally,she was found literally hanging on a wire that damaged her throat,mouth and even pierced her eye and the animal suffered so much for several days.
With great caution,the animal was removed and urgently taken to the veterinary clinic,where it was cured.The couple realized that they had already attached to the pet,whose life,fortunately,was saved and they fell in love with him so much that they left this puppy to live with them.

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