The dog behaves as if he apologizes for being alive.

The story of Zeus(the dog’s names) began with Ann’s call.The woman asked if there was a place for a dog in the shelter,because it is ow difficult to find a safe place for an animal in America.

Se agreed to shelter the dog,but insisted that it be given the animal that most needed medical care.Such an animal turned out to be a dog named Zeus.The dog was shot,it was injured,but it wasn’t enough for the man,he also beat the wounded animal.

With all his behavior,Zeus seems to apologize for not dying.The dog has no desire to live,he tried to stay as far away from people as possible and avoid contact with them.
According to Barbara,harsh treatment was a real tragedy for Zeus,and his torturer did not have a drop of pity for the animal.

While the dog gets the necessary veterinary care ,Barbara hopes in the future that she will be able to win his trust and gradually restore the dog’ faith in people.

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