The brave boy left his helpless puppy in front of the shelter with a heartbreaking note…

A 12-year-old teenager living in Mexico left his puppy in front of the nearest animal shelter.The dog was lying at the door with the toys and only when they read the note did the situation clear up.

To protect himself from his father’s ill-treatment,a child named James decided to sent his beloved pet to a shelter.The volunteers were so touched by the boy’s kindness that they decided to share a touching record on the social media.

He said that when the dog hurt his tail after the last kick,his mother supported him and he left the toy in memory of himself.
Soon a whole queue of people wishing to become owners of Renee(the dog’s name).

Now the puppy is completely safe and we are sure that very soon Renee will find his favorite owners,and will never face past troubles again.

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