She was forgotten in the middle of the track without coming back for her.

We found this puppy on the track.There was no housing around for many kilometers,and the puppy just stood in the middle of the road and didn’t understand what had happened and where to go now.

The puppy didn’t leave her seat until she ran out of strength.She waited,but no one came back to pick her up.
We called the dog Cookie,he is smart and calm,but the veterinarian found a whole bunch of diseases in her during the examination.

Twice the dog was on the verge of life and death,but we managed to save it.Obviously,the former owners decided that it was much easier to leave her on the road away from home,than to fight for her life and health.

Treatment and rehabilitation were not easy.It took a lot of time and even more money,but we were able to overcome all the difficulties.
Cookie has had a family and her own house for a year.She is sincerely devoted to people,and they are still glad that they made such a choice,because they love Cookie with all their heart.

I want to believe that all our animals will have a home and a family that will cherish them no matter what.

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